Grass Seed and Sod

We install the finest Seed and Sod on Long Island from Delalio products which are located in: Shoreham, Eastport, Calverton, Riverhead and Dix Hills. Produce an instant lawn with Sod, requiring less irrigation and a specific type of care which we specialize in or choose from a variety of seed options.

Types of Sod that are installed on Long Island are:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Tall Fescue

There are many types of seed that we use, and the specific type used is dependent on existing conditions:

  • Dura Sod Blue
  • Lightning Mix
  • Dynamite
  • Super Mix
  • Sun & Shade Mix
  • Dense Shade
  • Tall Fescue Blend
  • 3 Rye Blend
  • Turf Mix
  • Contractors Mix
  • Bloomers Wildflower Mix

When we install a new lawn, we first grade and level the area, then add fresh screened topsoil and then finish the installation with sod or seed complete with all cultivating materials. A new sod lawn gives the homeowner an instant lawn where as seed will take at least a year with proper chemical applications and watering to look like a sod lawn.