Irrigation & Draining Frequently Asked Questions

An emitter is a device that is installed in the lawn at the end of the drainage pipe and pops up based on pressure to disperse the water.
This will happen when dirt gets trapped in or around the sprinkler head. Also, remaining air pressure stuck in the line may cause this to happen.

Although the clock is hard wired, the battery acts as a back up in case of a power failure. It will save the settings in the clock for the duration of the battery’s life.

Clay content in the soil will cause a wet lawn because it does not absorb the water and allow proper drainage.
There are a few factors that may prevent the clock from running.
  1. If we maintain your sprinklers and your property, we will set the clock to bypass the day of your scheduled maintenance.
  2. Power failure may reset the clock to factory time settings.
  3. If for some reason your clock was turned to any position other than run.
  4. If your rain sensor is not disconnected, it may prevent the clock from running due to moisture levels.
A French drain is a covered trench with gravel that contains a perforated pipe underneath that redirects surface and groundwater away from a specific area.
The rain sensor is shut off to prevent it from conveying a false mositure level to the clock. Heavy morning dew or a light mist can shut the irrigation system down for 24 hours which can burn your lawn in the summer.
The holes in a sprinkler head that allow the water out will also allow precipitation in over the winter. If this occurs and temperatures drop below freezing, the water inside can freeze. This expansion can crack the heads.
A summer service is offered in late June to check and adjust the sprinkler run times/frequency based on warmer temperatures.