Fencing Frequently Asked Questions

We install all types of fencing including PVC, Wood, Chain Link, and Aluminum Estate fencing. We also install PVC and Wood railings.
Technically there is no permit needed for fencing, however it is important to note that it must be installed to code which does vary by town and situation.

Most wooden fence posts that are installed between sections are not cemented in because they will rot the CCA post faster. After the post is installed at the height required, the post is backfilled and the soil is compacted to strengthen the section.

Sometimes rain and heavy winds can loosen the post. Compacting the soil around the post again will fix the problem. If your fence is under warranty please call office to schedule repair.

Most problems occur when it’s very windy or due to the freeze/thaw of the ground around the post. Small adjustments such as tightening or loosening the hinge bolt may be necessary. You should wait before adjusting if it is cold out because it may correct itself when the weather gets warmer. Also check to see if there is any ice on the surface because this changes clearance height.