Design Questions

1. What if I don’t like the plan, and want to change it?

No problem, we pride ourselves on getting your design close to perfect the first time, but if you have changes to make we include one revision in every design plan.

2. Do I have to pay for the drawing?

Because we give you an extremely detailed plan with a comprehensive plant list, we do charge a fee for the design plan. In most circumstances, when the work is performed by us, you will be credited back the amount of the drawing dependent upon project amount.

3. Why do I need a drawing?

A drawing is the perfect way to help you visualize what you will be getting. We offer 3-D design plans which virtually take you into your front or back yard so you can truly see what it will look like. *Design plans are an artistic representation only, designs can be subject to change in the field.

4. What are the benefits of having design drawings made? 

It is extremely helpful to see your 3D design plan laid out. Oftentimes it results in clients making vital changes to their design as their initial design appeared different in mind. It is also useful for future changes or additions to have drawings to work off of.

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