3-D Computerized Landscape Design Plans

We make the landscape design process simple and painless by using state of the art 3-D landscape design programs Pool Studio and Viz Terra. Using these programs allows the customer to virtually walk through and see what their final project will actually look like in 3-D.

A sales representative will meet with you at your property to discuss what home improvements you are looking to accomplish. At this point we will look and listen to your ideas and make suggestions in order to create your new outdoor living space.

The process begins with scanning your property survey into the computer. The design is an artistic rendering and it is to scale based on your survey and actual measurements. Your designer will then compile a masonry or landscaping design that fits your needs and wants. Once the drawing is complete we will invite you to our showroom for a 3-D presentation of your design.

We believe this process provides a great value to our customers by supplying them with innovative and distinct design concepts. We have an elite crew to carry out the specifics of your custom design plan. With our showroom located in Deer Park on Deer Park Avenue, this provides convenience for all our Suffolk and Nassau clients to browse materials.

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