Holiday Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

We try to hide wires as best as possible under the ‘j’ channel on homes that have siding, various clips for brick homes, and under the mulch in plant beds.
Basics installs a timer to each power source needed for lighting on all homes. The number of timers depends on the amount of lights and figures installed. Your timers will automatically go on at 4:30pm and off at 12:00 unless you specify other times.
Plastic clips affix all lights on the house. If there are lights used on the roof peaks or ridges, other material might be used, but will not cause damage to the house
We use a variety of clips to affix lights to gutters, roof shingles, siding, and plants however they are not permanently affixed and can potentially come loose. Depending on wind, rain, snow, or ice during the holiday season, this might occur more in some years than others. One free call back is in included in all our holiday lighting packages.
In most cases its because when an individual light goes out on a set it will not complete the electrical current necessary to light an entire set. It could also be that the fuse that is installed in modern day lights by the manufacturer has blown. Either way, you need to look at the set and use the process of elimination technique. The problem usually occurs in the first 10’ of where the lights went out. However sometimes it is easier to just replace the set.