Cement & Asphalt Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few causes for hairline cracks in cement:

  1. Improper base including lack of or insufficient wire lath and rebar
  2. Lack of or insufficient amount of expansion joints
  3. Vehicle traffic prior to the 30 day cure time
  4. Improper drying process, it is crucial to follow installer’s directions
  5. Incorrect concrete strength (PSI) for the installation application
It is recommended to wait 6-12 months before sealing your new asphalt driveway.
Most cement will cure to the touch in a matter of hours, however it will not be properly cured for any significant weight for approximately 30 days. While this does not mean you need to completely stay off your cement for a month, it does mean you should limit the amount and type of traffic to the area.
There should be no foot traffic on the new asphalt for 24 hours. Vehicles should remain completely off the driveway for a minimum of 7 days. During summer months, it is important not to leave objects with weight on the new asphalt or sinking may occur due to the asphalt softening from the heat.