The New York Times published an article on Professional Holiday Lighting

All professional installation companies do a “lease” or “rental” program. When companies say you own the material, this sounds better than it is. You will be charged for replacements which occur every year as well as a possible buy out, so be sure to check the fine print.

The article had some great points that we wanted to share.

“Typical jobs run from $2,000 – $3000 but that some can cost as much as $30,000.”

“Fees do not drop in succeeding years, because the lights are leased.”

Some tips for choosing the right lighting company:

  • Find out what is included, is removal extra?
  • Look at photos on their website, do you like the lighting? Are the trees too sparse, are the extension cords exposed?
  • Make sure there is a sufficient amount of people on the install crew.
  • Are service calls included?

When you hire a professional company for your lighting installation you are getting:

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Quality and detailed installation
  • Promptness & reliability

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