August 2018

What a difference a change in material and color make! The homeowners wanted to enjoy their golden years with less maintenance. The traditional stained pressure treated lumber was removed and a new composite lumber was installed in its place. A storage space with an access door was added under the deck to provide increased function along with the modern aethestic improvement. The lighter color really opens up the small backyard and the change in landscape provides an updated privacy screen for them. They spend a lot of their summer time entertaining family and friends in their pool/deck area and are thrilled to show off their new outdoor space!!

September 2014

The homeowners had a new pool house installed so they decided to re do the patio as well. After a 3-D design plan was completed we installed a 2000 square foot patio with Rinox pavers and Rio wall for the pool coping. Different color borders were used along with a Porto Kit for added detail.

A sheer descent water feature with burmed plantings was installed on the corner as an anchor and focal point, new sod and plantings were the finishing touch for the wedding they were having in September!!

July 2014

Custom Cambridge piers installed at both entrances to this circular driveway. They have small kick walls extending off of the main piers, the piers have two toned details with rockfaced caps.

June 2014

New paver driveway was installed using Rinox Palazzo Beige Panama with Milton Grey accent borders, leading to a walkway and Bluestone stoop.

May 2014

We installed 2 raised sections of Dark Brown Veranda Composite Decking with a lower level of Rinox Mega Phenix pavers in between them. We accented a corner with a seating wall and a Nicolock firepit for the family to cook there Smores’! This multi level entertainnig area overlooks a large lush lawn where concerts are performed.

April 2014

This back yard got an updated look with a new Rinox Palazzo paver patio. We added a large one step platform connecting 2 doors using Environmental Stone Veneer with Rockfaced Bluestone treads. The homeowner loves there new back yard!!


March 2014

We installed a new Asphalt driveway with 2 course Rinox Palazzo Border in Beige Panama along with a freeform apron in front of the 2 car garage and a large apron at the street. The entrance is flanked with 6 piers and seating walls in between them to create a grand entrance to this lovely house on a hill!

February 2014

Artificial turf was installed for homeowners who have 3 Doberman’s who would constantly dig, run back and forth tearing up their lawn. New Cambridge walkway with seating walls and light piers were installed in the center to create a break in the long walkway. Small circular walls were placed around the trees as well for a finishing touch!

January 2014

New Stone fascia for the Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet in Deer Park. Showroom blend veneer with trimstone accents around the windows and doors. New paver walkway for front entrance, with seating walls that have elegant plantings to soften up the building.

December 2013

New asphalt driveway surrounded by large Belgium Block aprons at street and garage. New Clay paver retaining wall with Bluestone capping and New York State bluestone walkway. Skip Laurels for privacy with Astilbe and Daylilly’s for color.

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