Damp basements and wet properties on Long Island are as common as death and taxes.

Have one of our specialists come identify the problem and determine the appropriate drainage solution to alleviate or eliminate your wet areas. Often soggy areas can be reduced by adjusting the pitch of an area in conjunction with running some underground piping to a box or drywell. Some other common resolutions are redirection of downspouts, installing a drain in a basement window well, and installing emitters to disperse water.

If basements are your concern, let us re-pitch the planting areas around your house and stucco the foundation to prevent water from entering cracks. If there is a basement water problem that is out of our realm, we can happily refer you to a competent waterproofing company who specializes in making sure your house stays dry. Don’t say it’s impossible or too expensive until you give it a try. Sometimes what looks impossible is as simple as 1-2-3, when the right people are on the job.